The development of the United States has much to do with Manifest Destiny which allowed the U.S. to become the territory we know today. The driving force behind Manifest Destiny was Christianity which makes America a White Christian empire.


Historically, the group that gets the blame for any situation is the newest addition to the nation. Almost every ethnicity, race, or religion has been blamed in one form or another. Whenever some group is introduced to an Empire, they will almost always be the source of blame. The main reason behind this is because they are the new factor that was introduced. The thought behind this is,”If everything was okay before they came, it must be their fault that everything has changed.”

Islamaphobia exists in many parts of the world including Europe and America. Ever since the event of 9/11Islamaphobia has run rampant in the United States. Though it has died down as years have gone by it recently gain more attention with the introduction of ISIS. The fear is still ever prevalent and many crimes against the Muslim community have increased. With President-Elect Donald Trump taking office soon, there have been many Trump supporters that have been documented harassing many non-caucasian and non-Christian people. One of the main groups that have been targeted is the Muslim community.


One incident at UCI, covered by Breitbart News as well as The Tab, had several posters on a bridge that had the text, “Islam Kills” and “Islam vs Gays”. It was on the bridge for about seven minutes before it was taken down by two female students. However, Yiannopoulos is the technology editor as well as senior editor of Breitbart News which can lead to bias as Breitbart is also considered an alt-right news source.


However, this is not in violation to any law as this is protected under the free speech law. The amendment was created very early in the American empire to prevent the government from censoring any thought and idea of the people. The reason many people find this offensive is due to how political correctness has changed over the years.


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